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Discover a token project poised for success on the Ethereum blockchain. Our token not only inherits the dependability and security of ERC-20 standards but also offers a suite of cutting-edge features. These include a reward dApp, an OTC trading platform for ERC-20 tokens, a token tracker dashboard, staking with NFT minting options, and powerful trading bots.

Focusing on user safety, our platform ensures a secure environment for token exchanges, making it an enticing prospect for savvy investors seeking a blend of innovation and reliability in the dynamic world of decentralized finance.

Why $FND?

$FND offers a range of services, including FIND.X, an Over-the-Counter (OTC) exchange facilitating direct asset trading between parties, eliminating the need for a centralized exchange. Trading tokens independently can expose investors to risks such as scams, high fees, and limited liquidity. At FIND Token, safeguarding our investors is our top priority and non-negotiable, fostering trust, reliability and providing peace of mind in every trade.


Secure Smart Contract

Verified Smart Contract

Contract Address

Index Listings

Contract Audit

Find Token Smart Contract
Find Token OTC Exchange

FIND.X OTC exchange

Where Every Transaction Shares the Wealth

Find Token OTC Exchange

Token Tracker Dashboard

Monitor Smart Contracts Effectively

Smart Token Tracker Dashboard
Smart Token Tracker Dashboard
Claim Your Rewards

Reward dApp

Empowering Rewards, Seamless Redemption

Claim Your Rewards


Enhance Your Trading Experience

Our smart contract has many features and one is an FINDER BOT, ensuring security, transparency, and efficiency in every trade.

Innovative Exchange Application


Earn Rewards Through Staking

Diverse Earning Opportunities

By offering multiple staking pools, our platform caters to a wide range of users with different investment strategies. Whether someone prefers a more conservative or aggressive approach to staking, they can find a pool that suits their needs, thereby expanding the platform’s user base and enhancing its appeal.

Innovation in Staking

The development of a staking dApp that supports various staking pairs, including Find Token & Ethereum, as well as other tokens/coins, showcases our commitment to innovation. This feature not only provides users with flexibility but also positions our platform as a leader in the staking space, attracting users who seek cutting-edge solutions for their staking needs.

NFT Minting

The ability to mint exclusive NFTs with a high Annual Percentage Yield (APY) through our staking mechanism presents a unique opportunity for users. This feature not only incentivizes participation in staking but also adds value to our platform by offering a novel way for users to benefit from their staked assets, potentially attracting NFT enthusiasts and collectors.

Innovative Exchange Application


388 Million $FND

Total Supply

349.2 Million $FND

In Circulation


Welcome to the heart of financial wisdom! At Find Token, we believe in transparency and empowering our community with knowledge.

We believe in a clear and straightforward approach to taxes. While we strive to create a thriving ecosystem, it's crucial to be aware of your tax implications.

Find Token Tax Implications
Strategy Development

Marketing and Development (2%)



This segment of the tax is dedicated to promoting and advancing the project. with a fee It ensures that there are funds available for marketing efforts, such as advertising campaigns, partnerships, and community engagement.



For ongoing development, including hiring developers, conducting audits, and enhancing the project’s features.


Reward DApp (2%)

Distribution and Redemption Process


Token holders can redeem the accrued rewards directly within the app.


Liquidity (1%)


Boosting Reserves

Essential for maintaining a healthy trading environment for your token. These funds are added to the project’s liquidity pool, which provides stability to the token’s price and ensures there’s enough liquidity for trading period.




Phase - #1

◈ FIND Token Conception
◈ Set Up Social Media
◈ Contract Creation
◈ Contract Audit
◈ Website Design
◈ Community Building

Phase - #2

◈ Stealth Launch On Uniswap
◈ Enable Reward DApp
◈ Marketing Campaign
◈ CMC CG Listings
◈ Sponsorship Program(s)

Phase - #3

◈ Listing On Lower Tier Exchanges
◈ Competition, Buybacks & Burns
◈ Token Tracker Dashboard
◈ Regular AMAs
◈ Whitepaper V2
◈ Trading Bots to Telegram

Phase - #4

◈ Multi-Bridge to Blockchains
◈ Staking Platform
◈ Token 2 Birth
◈ NFT’s

Phase - #5

◈ Launch FIND.X
◈ P2P Business Network
◈ Gamefi - Gaming with NFT Utilization
◈ Top CEX’s

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