Find Token

Innovative Exchange Application

FIND.X OTC Exchange

This innovative application introducing FIND TOKEN exchange (FIND.X) a dApp that leverages smart contracts to ensure that funds are held in escrow until predefined conditions are met, providing a level of security and confidence previously unseen in traditional transactions.

Save on Taxes, Fees & Shielding against MEV Bots

Projects apply taxes to transactions to support project development, creating price fluctuations during buying or selling, which vary based on the token's trading volume and tax rate.

Native Team Tokens Liquidity Management

FIND.X introduces an approach to team token dynamics. Native Team Tokens can be safely sold without adversely impacting the native token's chart, ensuring a transparent and sustainable project development.

Crowd Filling Listings

When selling a substantial amount of tokens, breaking the order into smaller portions presents an opportunity to engage the community and attract new holders. This approach benefits both the seller, who can offload their tokens gradually without causing market disturbances, and the community, which has the chance to increase its token holdings over time.

Privacy Transactions

A solution to the trust issue in peer-to-peer (P2P) exchanges through its private exchange feature. Sellers can whitelist trusted counterparties using our escrow smart contract, ensuring secure and transparent transactions.

Platform Fees & Revenue Sharing

.25% fee on all transactions

Breaking down the revenue from the 0.25% platform fee, 50% will be distributed among the token holders, providing them with a share of the platform's success. The remaining 50% will be allocated to the ongoing development and enhancement of the dApp.

Find Token Rewards


Note that certain ERC20 token smart contracts implement a fee-on-transfer (FOT) function which for every token transfer, a percentage of the tokens are burned or distributed to various wallets.

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