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FIND.X OTC Exchange: FIND Token unveils an ERC-20 token trading platform – Coming Soon!

Parent Company – FIND TOKEN / $FND, introducing FIND.X  a cutting-edge OTC (Over-the-Counter) Escrow platform that provides ERC-20 token trading. Advancements are essential to staying ahead in the rapidly changing world of DeFi and blockchain technologies. FIND.X enables users to buy and list tokens below at or above market value, providing a secure and transparent environment for over the counter or peer to peer transactions. By leveraging secure, audited smart contracts, FIND.X ensures that transactions are filled promptly and accurately, minimizing the risk of fraud or manipulation.

What is FIND.X? A platform offered by FIND Token $FND

FIND.X is all about making Ethereum token exchanges simpler and more profitable. Picture this: a platform where you can exchange tokens without worrying about taxes eating into your earnings all while staying anonymous, no KYC required just connect your wallet and explore. Plus, you’re shielded from those frontrunner bots that can mess with your trades elsewhere. But the real game-changer? FIND.X helps you uncover those hidden gems – tokens with big potential gains. You can snap them up for a steal and then flip them for a tidy profit. It’s like having your secret weapon for maximizing your trading gains.

“FIND.X offers ERC-20 investors a simple, secure platform. We avoid token taxes and protect against manipulation, empowering users to maximize profits worry-free.” Vic Platform Founder

How Is Passive Income Generated in the FIND TOKEN ecosystem?

$FND implements a unique approach to passive income. Firstly, users earn rewards (USDC) from transaction fees collected on a decentralized exchange (DEX), providing an enticing opportunity for those looking to benefit from the booming DeFi sector. Secondly, through its Revenue Share program, users can earn $FND from FIND.X transaction fees, offering a dual-income stream that promotes sustainability and growth within the platform. This innovative approach allows $FND holders to benefit from both the growth of the token and the success of the exchange.

Boasting an exceptionally low fee of 0.25%, one of the lowest in the industry. Users can claim these rewards directly within the platform, accessible through their dashboard, FIND.X stands out for its unique ability to facilitate the sale of native team tokens without disrupting the market. This feature creates new fundraising opportunities for token issuers, connecting them with a diverse range of investors eager for promising projects. With FIND.X, token issuers can confidently elevate their projects, supported by a reliable and innovative platform that fosters growth and success. This feature serves as a vital catalyst for continuous growth within the cryptocurrency ecosystem, fostering a dynamic environment where projects can thrive and investors can discover promising ventures.

Features: -

  • Revenue Sharing:Offering dual passive income streams: users earn rewards (USDC) from DEX transaction fees and benefit from a Revenue Share program, promoting platform sustainability and growth.
  • Over the Counter (OTC): Trade of ERC-20 Tokens Maximize profits by finding, buying, and listing tokens strategically.
  • P2P Transactions:Tokens are held in a Escrow smart contract until a buyer commits ETH to execute the order, receiving either the full or a partial amount of the order in return.
  • Native Token Management:Ensure stability in token value by allowing the sale of native team tokens without adversely affecting the native token’s price chart.
  • CrowdFill Listings:Splitting large token sales attracts holders, ensuring gradual growth, stability, and community engagement.


FIND.X is not just another token trading platform – it’s a game-changer that promises to transform the way we trade Ethereum tokens. With its user-friendly interface, robust security measures, and innovative features, FIND.X is poised to become the go-to destination for savvy traders looking to maximize their profits in the ever-evolving world of cryptocurrency.

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