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Litepaper: Find Token

Ethereum-Based Innovation: Find Token, an ERC-20 token, is built on the Ethereum blockchain, renowned for its security and reliability. This positions it as a prime choice for DeFi enthusiasts and NFT collectors, offering efficient and secure peer-to-peer transactions through smart contract technology.

Secure Smart Contract Foundation: At the heart of Find Token is a stable and secure smart contract. This foundation is bolstered by industry-standard security protocols and transparent, regular audits, ensuring a safe, reliable trading platform for users.

Key Features:

  1. AI Trading Bot: Merging advanced AI with secure, transparent trading, this bot offers automated trading, customized strategies, and Telegram integration for enhanced user interaction and trading efficiency.
  2. Token Tracker Dashboard: A comprehensive tool providing insights into ERC-20 tokens, including their transaction history, market value, and liquidity status. It assists users in making informed investment decisions with features for contract verification and market monitoring.
  3. FIND Token P2P dApp: A decentralized application equipped with an Escrow Smart Contract, it revolutionizes secure, transparent peer-to-peer transactions.
  4. Team Token Liquidity Management: This feature ensures market stability by managing team token sales responsibly, maintaining investor confidence.
  5. Brotherhood Finance Listings: Manages substantial token sales in smaller portions, promoting a stable and gradual market growth and engagement.
  6. Privacy Transactions: Offers a secure, private peer-to-peer exchange mechanism through an innovative escrow system, enhancing transaction trust and reliability.
  7. Exit Your Position: A unique feature allowing investors to exit their positions effectively without impacting market stability, maximizing returns.
  8. Amplify Returns in Token Transactions: This strategy optimizes returns by avoiding the limitations of liquidity pools, ensuring full market value sales.

Reward dApp:
Empowering Rewards, Seamless Redemption
Accrual of Rewards:-
With each $FIND transaction, 2% of the purchase amount and 2% of the sale amount are earmarked as ETH rewards for all $FIND holders.
Purpose: To incentivize holding $FIND tokens and reward users for participating in the token economy.
Distribution and Redemption Process:
Description: Token holders can redeem the accrued rewards directly within the app.
Purpose: To provide a seamless user experience and encourage engagement with the app.
Streamlining Reward Accumulation:
Description: Permitting the accumulation of rewards within the app minimizes the occurrence of multiple gas fees during withdrawals.
Purpose: To reduce transaction costs for users and make the redemption process more efficient.

Staking and Rewards:

  • Diverse Earning Opportunities: The platform offers a variety of staking pools, catering to different investment strategies and preferences.
  • Innovation in Staking: Features innovative staking pairs, including Find Token & Ethereum, providing flexibility and advanced solutions.
  • Rewards for Participation: Users participating in staking contribute to network security and functionality, earning rewards in the process.

NFT Minting and Market Appeal:

  • Exclusive NFT Minting: Users can mint unique, high APY NFTs through our staking mechanism, adding a novel aspect to the platform.
  • Attracting Collectors: This feature not only incentivizes staking but also appeals to NFT enthusiasts, adding value and diversity to the platform.

Innovative Market Solutions:

  • Escrow Transactions: Reinventing transaction security and trust with the Escrow Smart Contract, ideal for secure, transparent exchanges.
  • AI Integration: Leveraging AI technology for market analysis and trading optimization, accessible via user-friendly Telegram integration.
  • Community Engagement: Fostering a collaborative trading environment through social trading features and community interaction.

Empowering Investors:

  • Portfolio Management: Our token tracker dashboard simplifies portfolio management, providing tools for performance tracking and insightful reporting.
  • Market Monitoring: Real-time monitoring of token prices and trading volumes, offering a clear view of market trends and opportunities.


  • 150,000,000,000 – FIND
  • 150 Billion FIND total supply 💰
  • Liquidity locked
  • 90% liquidity locked for 2 years
  • Tokens Locked
  • 4 Billion Team Tokens 2 year linear lock


  • Buy 5% Sell 5%
  • 2% Marketing & Development
  • 2% Reward DApp
  • 1% Liquidity

Roadmap Vision:

  1. Phase 1: Conceptualization, community engagement, and website development.
  2. Phase 2: Official launch, intensified marketing strategies, whitepaper V2, and trading bot integration.
  3. Phase 3: Deployment of testnet for Escrow dApp and the token tracker dashboard.
  4. Phase 4: Expansion into blockchain multi-bridging and the introduction of a staking platform.
  5. Phase 5: Launch of P2P exchange dapp and foray into Gamefi, broadening the platform’s scope.

Conclusion: Find Token stands as a beacon of innovation in the crypto sphere, blending the stability of Ethereum’s blockchain with cutting-edge features like AI trading, NFT minting, and a robust staking ecosystem. It’s designed to empower investors, traders, and collectors alike, paving the way for a more secure, efficient, and versatile digital asset experience.

Note: This litepaper is a summary. Detailed information is available on our website.

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